Monday, May 8, 2017

DIY No-Bake Oreo Cookies

D.I.Y No-Bake Oreo Cookies

  • 5 cups large marshmallows
  • 4 tbsp butter
  - One 16 oz pack of Oreos
  • Food processor
  • 8x8 inch baking pan
  • Microwave
  • Tin foil    

  1. Put Oreos in food processor and process until ground
  2. Melt marshmallows and butter in microwave for about 1 to 1 ½ minutes
  3. Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and mix well
  4. Put in 8x8 inch baking pan and let sit for 10 minutes
  5. Enjoy!

DIY Newspaper Nail Art

DIY Newspaper Nail Art

  1. Paint your nails with a thin coat of white polish or gray polish (let dry)
  2. Then rip off a small piece of newspaper and submerge it in water.
  3. Then apply wet newspaper on your nail
  4. Hold for 15 seconds
  5. Peel off
  6. Put a top coat on
(the longer you hold it on the darker the words will be)

DIY Phone Case

DIY Phone Case
By:: Kailyn Wright

Things You’ll Need:
  1. Portfolio, Cardstock, or Foam
  2. Tape
  3. Your Favorite Picture or Print (If Using Portfolio)
  4. Scissors
 6.Your Device

  1. Measure the Back of Your Device and add an extra ½ inch to 1 Long Side and 1 Short Side(Prefered to Use a Flexible, Clear Plastic)
 2. Trace the Long side of your Device 3 Times with Foam
 3.Cut Little Slits into the Corners of Your Case, Fold Them up and Tape it
4.Tape Your Foam Pieces Together to Make a Long Piece of Foam
5.Put the Case on Your Device and Wrap the Foam Around the Rim
6.If You Have Extra Foam Cut it Off and Tape What You Need Together
7.Once You’re Done, Glue the Foam to Your Case
8.If You Want You Can Print out a Picture and Put it in Your Case

D.I.Y Rubber Band Bracelet

D.I.Y Rubber Band Bracelet

  1. Twist a rubber band on your index and middle finger so it looks like the number 8
  2. Place another one on top but do not twist it.
  3. Lift the one that you twisted up
  4. Add another rubber band
  5. add a rubber band on top and  twist it every other time
  6. Keep pulling the top rubber band above your fingers before you add a new rubber band
  7. keep doing these steps until your bracelet is long enough for you .
  8. take a clip and clip it to the bottom rubber band and top one that was on your fingers
  9. your bracelet should be complete!

DIY: Slime

DIY SlimeSplash, Ink, Blue, Splatter, ...
By: Mia Guiliano

Step 1:   Pour water into a container

Step 2:  Pour one teaspoon of borax into the water

Step 3:  Take another container and pour one thing of school glue in

Step 4:  (OPTIONAL) add food coloring to glue to make your slime colorful!

Step 5:  Pour water/borax mixture into glue and stir

Step 6:  (OPTIONAL)  add glitter or confetti to give it some sparkle!

Step 6:  Squish in your hands until it thickensInk, Blue, Splat, Paint, ...

Monday, May 1, 2017

Learn How to Clog with Tylie

By: Tylie Friedland

  1. Practice these following steps:
  2. Double steps
  3. Pot-holes
  4. Walk the dog
  5. Heel click
  6. Practice each step thoroughly and put together to form a routine
  7. Put routine to music and PRACTICE!!!!!

File:Unicoi Cloggers Bavarian ...

Picture by google

Friday, April 21, 2017

DIY Stress Ball

   DIY Stress Ball!... stress ball | by jetheriot
by Anna McMichael
How To!

  1. Get three balloons (of your choice)
  2. Choose a filling of your choice!
  3. Blow up a the balloon slightly (optional)
  4. Stick a funnel into the neck!
  5. SLowly fill the balloon with the filling of your choice
  6. Pinch out excess air then tie close
  7. Snip of the access rubber
  8. Wrap around two more balloons!
  9. Then enjoy!